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In 1981 a lamp was lit to symbolise the beginning of something very beautiful for the Malaysian arts and culture scene. The aim was to guide Malaysian youth to rediscover the cultural and artistic wealth of their forefathers and to make it relevant to themselves and for future generations to come. With the guiding principle of “Art Just for the Love of It”, The Temple of Fine Arts (TFA) was born through the vision of H.H. Swami Shantanand Saraswati and with the support of two extraordinary dance icons, Gopal Shetty and Sivadas, and their respective spouses, Ratha and Vatsala.

Conceptualised as the performing wing of The Temple of Fine Arts International, TFA Inner Space Dance is an award-winning performing arts company that aspires to push the boundaries of traditional norms of dance creation and presentation. ISD explores and innovates on well-loved themes and ideas in a totally original and contemporary manner that spills beyond traditional boundaries, breaking down habituated perceptions and notions of what dance is so as to capture the attention and abiding interest of art lovers of all races for our unique genre of dance.  ISD seeks to produce new and creative works annually in collaboration with diverse artistes and arts forms with the intent to inspire young artists, engage the community at a grass roots level and finally to create a platform that will provide artists the ability to become wholly available for the creation of innovative forms of artistic expression.